Online Identity Verification Check | Fortify Detection of E-Learning Scams 

Online Identity Verification

The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic caused educational institutes to shift their services to online platforms. The schools converted their operations from in-person to online classes, which required students to submit their academic and confidential records on online servers to access the classes. Although this shift enabled educational institutes to conduct online classes effectively, it led to a surge in online e-learning scams. This sector must incorporate an effective online identity verification check to protect the student’s identities from illicit access. According to a report, the online identity verification market accumulated a market share of $6.9 billion in 2022.    

Digital Identity Check – A Unwavering Detection Service for E-Learning Scams   

Online identity verification checks entail the utilization of digital authentication devices to authenticate the identity of different customers. These services are crucial for the education sector as they protect the student’s identity credentials from illegal access. The educational institute stores students’ academic and confidential information in its databases. The digital shift required students to submit their academic information to online e-learning platforms. Students were required to submit their assignments and exams on online servers. They used online educational institutes to gain research about their designated educational fields. This online interaction led students to face e-learning scams that exploited the overall performance of online educational services.

Online E-Learning Scams

During the COVID-19 pandemic, students used their personal electronic devices to join online classes, which contained their financial and confidential information. This leg imposters to conduct malware attacks, which involves the illicit accumulation of students’ financial and identity credentials to entail synthetic identity frauds and phishing attacks. The imposters create unauthorized sites that contain educational datasets for students to access academic information. These sites required students to submit their identity credentials in order to acquire academic solutions. The imposters exploited the students’ identity information and used it to threaten them.

They also committed student loan fraud in which scammers manipulated the students by requiring them to invest a few dollars to access student loan funds. They stole alot of money from students by manipulating them and providing them with false information. Similarly, they were involved in creating fake scholarship opportunities for students, which enabled them to exploit the students’ information. The educational institute must incorporate online identity verification checks to mitigate all these illicit attacks.         

Identity Check Online – Revolutionize the Privacy Concerns of Educational Institutes

The e-learning scams have exploited students in various ways, which is why educational institutes must utilize online identity verification services. The utilization of digital biometric verification services ensures protection from such criminal activities. Biometric identity verification checks must be incorporated into the online class platforms to ensure that only authentic students are accessing the academic services. Biometric verification checks examine the facial characteristics of students and cross-reference them with the information stored in government directories to ensure that legitimate students are accessing the academic services. These verification services can protect the educational institutes’ premises from unauthorized access. The educational sector must authenticate the legitimacy of students, staff, and teachers and allow access to only those entities that successfully pass these checks. Biometric facial recognition solutions can be used to identify the identities of those students who were expelled from other institutes due to their illicit activities. 

Digital ID Check – Applications of Online Identity Checks in Education Sector

Automated biometric facial recognition and identity authentication services have several applications in the educational sector, allowing them to improve their privacy and security concerns. The utilization of biometric verification services can effectively control access to school boundaries. These services prevent unauthorized and fraudulent individuals from illicitly entering the school boundaries and committing harmful crimes. The identity verification process can be incorporated to manage the students’ attendance details. The biometric identity authentication services prevent illegitimate entities from marking students’ attendance.

These services prevent students from manipulating the teachers, which enhances the teacher’s productivity. The web management servers must require individuals to validate their identities through biometric verification who want to build a website. This ensures that only legitimate entities are building the websites, which protects the students from falling under the false influence of unauthorized web pages. Online identity verification checks streamline the productivity of the educational sector because they protect them from the harmful activities of unauthorized entities and scammers. They secure the student’s educational experience and provide them with advanced research material. 

Concluding Remarks  

An effective online identity verification check is essential for educational institutes because they protect the student’s identities from unauthorized access. The biometric identity authentication services can protect students from falling under the false influence of fake scholarship and loan funding programs. These services limit imposters from manipulating the student’s identities for their illicit activities. The utilization of online identity validation services can streamline educational services because of their identity protection and access control services.

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