Potential Features That Are Offered By After-Sales Monitoring Software

After-sales monitoring software

Customer satisfaction can gather brownie points for businesses. Companies can optimise their workflows and ensure seamless assistance to their customers through after-sales monitoring software. Read on to find out the potential features of the software in detail!

Marketing has evolved from the sales era to the relationship era. The modern era considers the customer to be the king of the business. Thus, customer satisfaction has become an important aspect of marketing. Businesses with the best after-sales software pump up more than others. Automating end-to-end workflows with after-sales monitoring software can help businesses stand out. 

Understanding After-Sales Monitoring Software

The process of cultivating customer relationships is analogous to the growth of seeds into plants. Building a good relationship with a customer takes months, but only seconds to lose one. The statistics say that 74% of customers switch to other brands due to poor after-sales service. What is it specifically?

After-sales support is the assistance that companies offer to customers after the purchase. The support can either be resolving customer complaints, offering technical support, addressing product issues or defects, or providing maintenance services. Delays in providing after-sales support may result in customer dissatisfaction. Here’s when after-sales management software comes in handy. It automates and optimises end-to-end field service operations. Comprehensive features of the tool enable businesses to act promptly in impromptu situations.

Potential Features of After-Sales Monitoring Software

Sales team tracking software empowers businesses by providing a range of features—the more the merrier! Each feature provides distinct benefits to businesses and has the potential to improve workflows. Let us discover these features in detail.

Real-Time Monitoring Software

If you could monitor the real-time whereabouts, battery life, and network status of your mobile workforce, wouldn’t that be useful? We call it monitoring rather than spying. Why? Because real-time monitoring allows managers to make well-informed and data-driven decisions.

For instance, a customer of the TrackoField software company requests ad-hoc product training after-sales service. Real-time insights will make it easier for managers to assign tasks more effectively by providing them with information about the whereabouts and availability of field executives.

Miles Travelled Analytics

After-sales management software ensures managers receive the most precise distance travelled reports, empowering them with data they can trust. The software achieves this accuracy level without compromising the efficiency of phone batteries. Managers can use distance-travelled analytics to determine the exact time required to complete a task. This automation tool boosts employee productivity and promotes the company’s expansion.

Geo-Verified Operations

The geo-coding technology in after-sales monitoring software transforms field force management operations. It offers features like geofencing, geo-tagged attendance tracking, and geo-verified task delegation to enhance operational efficiency.

The geospatial data not only streamlines management but also enhances accountability, as each task and attendance record is based on location data. Simply put, the software is a holistic solution that provides unparalleled geo-centric insights to maximise productivity and empower organisations.

Communication Support

You do not have to switch between apps to chat or resolve issues when you have sales team tracking software. It supports both voice notes and chat features, making it easier to communicate while on the go.

For instance, your manager forgot to share the client’s precise requirement list with you. You would want to request that your manager share it while you are visiting the client’s location. Simply use the app’s voice note feature to record and share your concerns while on the go.

Task Allocation System

Managers can remotely assign tasks with a brief, deadline, and notes using after-sales monitoring software. The best part? A field sales executive will receive a notification every time a manager allocates tasks. The software has completely transformed the traditional method of task delegation, which relied on emails and phone calls.

Order Management

Each order in the business realm matters! The after-sales management software allows businesses to manage orders with ease. Executives can create orders for customers on the spot, and a manager can approve them instantly within the software. This feature ensures customer satisfaction and fosters the expansion of a company.

Final Words

After-sales management software is an automation tool that optimises business operations. It ensures customer satisfaction and promotes the growth of the company. Sales team tracking software offers numerous features, such as real-time tracking, distance travelled reports, geo-verified operations, communication support, task management, and order management. However, when selecting the right software to empower your business, make sure it has seamless integration capabilities.

TrackoField’s after-sales monitoring software is the ideal solution to transform your mobile workforce operations. The software offers a comprehensive platform and the best after-sales service. Book your demo to test out the software now!


  1. How does after-sales management software enhance customer support?

After-sales management software is a comprehensive platform that facilitates the timely and accurate handling of customer concerns. It often includes a ticketing system and communication tools to ensure quick and efficient customer support.

  1. Is the after-sales management software suitable for both small and large businesses?

After-sales monitoring software caters to the needs of both small and large enterprises. Businesses can customise the features based on their specific requirements.

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